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About Us

Braces Live is a privately held Company, founded by a team of Orthodontists and experienced entrepreneurs that are focused on delivering high quality consultative services to our partner Dentists through a patent-pending suite of technologies and processes.

Our Vision

We will become a premier orthodontic-centered 21st century health delivery system.

We will be a respected member of our client’s care team recognized for our caring and technical excellence as well as cost effective solutions.

We will be respected for healthcare leadership, consumer friendliness, market foresight, and responsiveness to market conditions.

Our clients will look to us as their personal partners helping them to demonstrably improve the quality of care to their patients, amplify their efforts and achieve their practice goals.

BracesLive will ease the experience of orthodontic care for the patient, streamline the work of providers, simplify the work of our Dentists’ employees and demonstrably improve the financial performance of our dental partners.

We will achieve our goals by never forgetting that we owe our success to our clients, the extended dental care team and ultimately the patients served.

Our future depends on professional teamwork grounded in mutual trust. We will treat client, patient, employee and colleagues alike with dignity, honesty and integrity, respect and professionalism.

BracesLive provides an opportunity for each of us to participate in a successful, innovative practice that encourages individual excellence, thrives on teamwork and excels in delivering high-quality service to our clients.


BracesLive is dedicated to providing the finest in orthodontic services.  We help Dentists meet the competitive challenges of the market by extending their offering to include more complex orthodontic services.  Our primary commitment is to provide the highest quality consultative services for our clients; consistently meeting and exceeding the ever-changing needs of those we serve; and devoting resources to the continual enhancement of our services.

If you’re interested in joining our team please contact us!